Yunjeong Hwang came highly recommended to me. I solicited her services as I was the subject of a criminal complaint under police investigation. This was my first encounter with the law, and as a foreigner living in Korea I was surprised by the severity of the accusation laid against me and how seriously it was being handled by the police.

Yunjeong rose to the occasion and significantly exceeded my expectations. From the moment that I reached out to her she worked diligently on my case, was highly responsive and made herself available at all hours of the day. Importantly, she handled all my interactions with the police and made sure I was treated fairly during my deposition, double-checking all documents to ensure there was no lack in interpretation. She followed up by drafting two opinion letters which appealed to legal precedents that were both powerful and pertinent. But above all, she built excellent rapport with the lead police investigator, which helped secure the police's non-indictment recommendation to the prosecutor.

Yunjeong is highly proficient in English. She has an acute understanding of foreigner needs and how criminal proceedings affect decisions from the Immigration Office. Without her representation there is a strong likelihood I would have been indicted. This would have likely spelled the end of my visa and employment in Korea, even had the court outcome been positive. I cannot thank Yunjeong enough for her tenacity, professionalism and kindness. Do not hesitate to call her about your case!

I engaged Ms. Yunjeong Hwang in 2018 to handle my complicated divorce case that involved multiple court jurisdictions in three different countries. Ms. Hwang diligently sorted through this divorce case and brought it to a resolution this year, 2020. During these two plus-years, Ms. Hwang patiently communicated each step of the court proceeding to me while I was not residing in Korea. During court appearances, Ms. Hwang consistently exhibited professionalism and integrity. I recommend Ms. Hwang's professional legal services to anyone that might need legal assistance.

I went through a divorce involving physical abuse and other claims where my kids were kidnapped from me and I was blocked from seeing them Ms. Hwang, really helped me a lot in getting access to my kids and over time being able to resolve most of the outlying issues that have spawned throughout the divorce process. I would heavily recommend her and have even to my family or friends who live in Korea, especially because I feel like she really has a heart geared towards family health and doing what’s right for the parties that side with her. She is especially good at understanding and making the comprises necessary for any legal concerns, or visitation and custody rights where there may be a conflict in your pre-emptive or ongoing, or even post-divorce process. I know in my case there were several issues and incidents that came about from my personal abusive experience I suffered with my ex, and she was very helpful and understanding throughout the process. So, if you’re looking for a lawyer, and your in a tough situation, please try to contact her as I believe she will be able to fit any situation you may be facing, no matter how tough it is.

About two years ago, I found myself in a very difficult situation: Both my spouse-at-the-time and I were foreign nationals in Korea, had married in another country, but lived our entire married lives in Korea. We couldn’t divorce in the country in which we were married because neither of us had lived there for more than a decade, and to complicate things even further, the aforementioned individual to whom I was married was now living in a third country. After reading several stellar reviews about Ms Hwang, I contacted her with my situation and instead of being pessimistic with regards to the circumstances, she let me know that if I was patient, she would do some research on the laws in Korea and the country in which we were married. There was also a young child involved and I wanted sole custody. Ms Hwang has always been very quick to respond to any queries and her professionalism in every respect has been absolutely incredible. Two weeks ago she let me know the wonderful news that not only am I divorced, but that I also have sole custody of my son. I would recommend Ms Hwang in a heartbeat to anyone who needs an uber-professional lawyer.

I hired Ms. Hwang to represent me in bringing a case against a former employer and she helped me immensely. Through Ms. Hwang’s strong knowledge of the law and professionalism I was able to obtain a result in my case that I was happy with. I believe Ms. Hwang’s agreeable disposition helped when dealing with the authorities involved in my case, particularly in contrast to the inappropriate and unprofessional conduct of the other side’s representation. Ms. Hwang went beyond her legal obligation to help me in what was a very complicated case. It is for these reasons that I would recommend her to others who need legal representation.

I have never needed a lawyer before, and as I couldn't be in the country for my divorce, Ms Hwang was prompt and clear in what was to be expected. It was very emotionally difficult for me but Ms Hwang was very professional, which was crucial for me. I would recommend her to anyone who needs accurate and honest help when dealing with Korean law.

I was recommended to seek legal advice from Ms. Hwang from a friend of mine. From our very first conversation, she was very patient, understanding and willing to help. I felt very comfortable choosing her to represent me legally. Together we were able to put together a case that helped go in my favor. Ms. Hwang made the entire process easy and as stress free as possible. She worked hard to make sure that our case was put together with great care, detail and made to the highest of standards. She was even willing to travel to be there with me during the investigation process. I am thankful to that friend for their recommendation and forever thankful to Ms. Hwang!

I engaged Ms. Hwang for a negotiation with my in-laws and errant husband which escalated into a civil and complicated divorce case which spanned 2 countries and was made even more messier by the uncooperativeness of the opponent. Ms. Hwang was very diligent in sorting through all the evidence and in fighting for my rights. She was also very compassionate and understanding of my emotions and has helped me to find a direction towards resolving the messy legal cases with her professional advice. During these 3 years, she has consistently shown professionalism and integrity and has patiently communicated every step of the proceedings to me. She has also gone over and beyond in trying to assist me to resolve the issues that have arisen due to the other party’s non-cooperation and I am always thankful for that. I would recommend Ms. Hwang’s legal services to anyone who requires legal assistance and prefers a lawyer with a heart.

I am so grateful for Lawyer Hwang’s dedication and professionalism. I appreciated her excellence on legal work on my behalf. One thing I like the most is she’s easy to reach out in every delicate situation(abduction case on my son).When she’s working with me, she make sure to execute every single detail to make the possible way for the best outcome. As a client I highly recommended Lawyer Hwang for her knowledge and compassion. Thank you for representing my case.

I would 100% recommend Ms. Hwang’s services I am very satisfied with my results. She is very responsive, very professional, and very knowledgeable on Korean laws. She also speaks English very well and can answer all the questions you need answered in regards to your specific case. Thank you Ms. Hwang!

I contacted Lawyer Hwang after seeing her comments on a community forum. From the outset, I thought that she seemed very professional, and very dedicated to her clients - and I was absolutely right. Lawyer Hwang is fast and thorough. She dealt with my divorce case with both a lawyer's rigour and a human ear. She made a very difficult process much easier for me to handle - in terms of the law and in terms of my personal feelings about the case - and left me with a great deal of peace of mind. Lawyer Hwang is tenacious, knowledgeable and professional. Above all, she is dedicated to her clients and sensitive to their ordeal. I am very glad that I followed my instincts from the start, and I would strongly recommend Lawyer Hwang's legal services to anyone that needs deft legal assistance with a human touch

I would 100% recommend Ms. Hwang’s services I am very satisfied with my results. She is very responsive, very professional, and very knowledgeable on Korean laws. She also speaks English very well and can answer all the questions you need answered in regards to your specific case. Thank you Ms. Hwang!

Ms. Hwang helped me with a labor law case which she handled very professionally and quickly. My boss had not paid me for 2 months and he had also not given me my severance. I also had to leave the country quickly due to a family emergency. Ms. Hwang handled EVERYTHING for me after I gave her power of attorney on my behalf. Ms. Hwang went to the labor law office, had meetings and calls with the investigator and was very responsive and always let me know when there were new proceedings in my case. After 2+/- months my case was done from beginning to end! I will be recommending her for all of my friends in the future! Thank you so much Ms. Hwang