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[Win the Case – Hague Child Abduction Case]

One of my clients won the case. He filed a case against his wife to claim that his son be returned to his habitual residence.

[Habitual Indecent Act by Compulsion – The case was closed without being sent to the prosecutor’s office (being cleared of suspicion)]
[상습강제추행 – 불송치(혐의없음)]

One of my clients was pressed a charge of habitual indecnet act by compulsion and the police closed the case without sending the case to the prosecutor’s office as he was cleared of suspicion.
I assisted and defend him in the interrogation of the police for five hours.
I’m glad to see the result.

[Win the case (Act on the Implementation of the Hague Child Abduction Convention case) – The other party’s appeal was rejected] – 헤이그아동반환청구 사건 승소 (피항고인 대리, 항고기각)

I’m so glad to deliver news that my client won the case (Act on the Implementation of the Hague Child Abduction Convention case). He won the case in the first trial but the other party appealed to a higher court. Finally, her appeal was dismissed. It took around one year to get the result.

To give you a brief account of the case, my client, who lives in a foreign counrty, has a full custody of his son, but the other party, his ex cohab and his son’s mother took the child from the country to Korea. My client had to file a petition to Korean Family Court to claim that the child be returend to him based on the Hague Child Abduction Convention. In the first trial, my client won the case but the other party appealed. My client had to take psychological test in order to prove that there is no possibliy of the child’s being in a grave danger in case the child is returned to him.
I hope the child will grow up in a stable environment.

[Win the case/승소]
신경을 많이 썼던 사건인데 승소해서 정말 기쁩니다. 🙂
일부승소이지만, 청구금액의 90%가 인용되었습니다.
Win the case! Around 90% of amount claimed has been accepted!!!
I’ve invested much time and effort in this case. I’m so glad.

[Win the case] 전부승소 🙂
I represented the plaintiff and won the case!

I received a comment from my former client who would recommend my legal service. I represented him on his divorce case for about two years and finally met with good results. The case involved international court jurisdiction issues and I insisted that the case should be tried by Korean family court. Eventually I won the case at the second trial as well as the first trial. I also collected his money from the asset division and wired it to him.

I’m so glad that compensation money was sent from the other party to my client who is in a foreign country. I represented her for divorce case. She won the case and her ex-husband should pay for compensation for her mental stress due to his faults.
He did not pay for it so I filed a seizure case. Finally the money was sent today.
She and I haven’t met each other face to face so far, but I have tried my best for her interest.

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