May employers change the time of employees’ paid leave?

For workers, paid leaves are the time to recharge themselves. Labor Standards Act (hereafter referred to as the “Act”) stipulates that employers shall grant paid leaves to employees. When are paid leaves given? It is when workers claim according to the Act. By the way, the Act also mentions that employers may change the time […]

New Articles of LSA to prevent harassment in workplaces will take effect!

New Articles of 76-2 and 76-3 of Labor Standards Act (hereafter referred to as “LSA”) to prevent harassments in workplaces were established this January and they will be enforced on July 16, 2019. Article 76-2 prescribes that an employer or a worker shall not inflict physical and mental distress to other workers or deteriorate working […]

How to deal with sexual abuses

This post will cover sex crimes and viable legal actions to the crimes. Above all, it is necessary to clarify each type of sex offenses including sexual harassment, indecent act by compulsion and rape. Most know what rape means but many are confused sexual harassment with indecent compulsion. Roughly stated, sexual harassment usually means offensive […]

May the divorce claim raised by an at-fault spouse be granted in Korea?

May the divorce claim raised by an at-fault spouse be granted in Korea. The answer is “No”, but it is possible to say that “there is an exception.” Korean Civil Act adopts that a fault-divorce system, and a divorce claim raised by party who has causes for breakdown of marriage shall not be granted. However, […]

Defamation by alleging facts can be justified?

Many expats do not understand why the one who tells truth shall be punished. There have been many controversies over whether the first paragraph of the Article 307 of Criminal Act stipulating punishment to the one defaming by alleging facts shall be abolished. Even though it is not likely that the article shall be removed […]

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