On narcotic crimes

I’ve been sometimes asked about narcotic crimes from expats in Korea. South Korea is famous for its strict laws on narcotic crimes and there are several different provision on them from that in other countries. Above all, I’d like to point out that it is quite often misunderstood that only using narcotics shall be penalized. […]

New Articles of LSA to prevent harassment in workplaces will take effect!

New Articles of 76-2 and 76-3 of Labor Standards Act (hereafter referred to as “LSA”) to prevent harassments in workplaces were established this January and they will be enforced on July 16, 2019. Article 76-2 prescribes that an employer or a worker shall not inflict physical and mental distress to other workers or deteriorate working […]

The ABC of torts

You may consider filing for civil suit claiming compensation if you are damaged by other’s tortious conduct. I’d like to mention what the basic requisites of torts in this post. Please refer to Article 750 of Civil Act as follows; Article 750 (Definition of Torts)  Any person who causes losses to or inflicts injuries on […]

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