Ways to get child support from a bad parent

Recently, a man who had disclosed the list of “bad fathers” refusing to pay child support after divorce was given a decision of not guilty for the defamation as his action was for solely for the public interest. As the case shows, it has been reported that many parents who are legally obligated to pay […]

A child from the third party’s sperm is whose child?

Last fall, Korean Supreme Court pronounced a noteworthy decision on paternity that a child who was born from other man’s sperm shall be regarded as the man’s child if he agreed that his wife would do artificial insemination by other man’s sperm (refer to the Supreme Court Decision en banc Decision 2016Meu2510 Decided October 23, […]

Find Out the Option for Less Painful Divorce!

It is not easy to divorce and the proceedings are usually painful. If you make up your mind to go your separate ways, you need to find out the option appropriate for your situation. Roughly stated, there are two types of divorce; contested divorce and uncontested divorce, but it is recommended to look into variable […]

May the divorce claim raised by an at-fault spouse be granted in Korea?

May the divorce claim raised by an at-fault spouse be granted in Korea. The answer is “No”, but it is possible to say that “there is an exception.” Korean Civil Act adopts that a fault-divorce system, and a divorce claim raised by party who has causes for breakdown of marriage shall not be granted. However, […]

How can you discover your partner’s hidden property when the divorce is being processed?

When considering divorce, there are many complicated issues, but above all, property division is very difficult to deal with. Many people who are to divorce or are likely to be divorced tend to hide their assets and property. As you might know, Korean judicial system does not have discovery like the one in the U.S., […]

Who is to foster your children when you divorce?

If a couple having children is to divorce, who to foster children will be a critical issue. In this posting, I’m going to cover what Korean law prescribes on custody and mention several key points to be considered when you insist your custody. 1.      General Process     In the first place, the first paragraph of Article 837 […]

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